InsuLine Medical is developing two lines of products; the InsuPatch™ device for insulin pump users and the InsuPad™ device for injection users. Both devices use the same technology.

All the company's clinical studies so far were conducted with the first generation InsuPatch™ device, which was the first product to be developed.

The figure below provides additional details regarding the two product lines:

Product line

Two common treatment options
Two matching InsuLine deoptions
InsuPad™ Patch for syringes & Insulin pens
Insulin pump
InsuPatch™ Catheter & pump holder for pumps

Insulin injection with InsuPad™

Consumer oriented designs

InsuPad™ includes 3 main parts:

  • Disposable pad for one day use
  • Rechargeable battery & electronics
  • Optional Carrying Case

InsuPad™ - description of use:

  • Patient connects electronics to disposable pad and places the pad on the skin
  • Patient injects meal insulin through the opening in the pad
  • Insupad™ is activated automatically with each injection to deliver heat and stop after few minutes
  • Can be tailored to work with specific pen injector
  • Patient removes InsuPad™ from the skin after 3-4 injections. Electronics is removed from the disposable pad and recharged. Disposable pad is disposed of normally

Use of InsuPatch™ Product

InsuPatch™ Set

InsuPatch™ includes 2 parts:

  • Disposable InsuPatch™ set for 3 days use (like regular set)
  • InsuPatch™ pump adaptor that includes rechargeable battery & electronics

InsuPatch™ - description of use:

  • Patient connects InsuPatch™ adaptor to the insulin pump- “snap in” connection.
  • Patient inserts catheter of the set to into the skin & connects the other part of the set to the pump ( like used to do with any other set)
  • Patient uses the pump like used to do – InsuPatch™ is activated automatically with every bolus infusion of the pump
  • Patient replaces InsuPatch™ set and adaptor every 3 days. Set is disposed of, adaptor is recharged.
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