Take Control with EyePen

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EyePen - Smart Injection Tracking Technology

EyePen  enables patients on intensive insulin therapy to take control of their disease and reach treatment targets in more efficient way without increased burden. Data collected by the EyePen device is used by the management app to enable patients improve therapy compliance in an easier and safer manner.

Diabetes Self-Management Challenges   

  • Diabetic patients get very minimal training time with from health care provider with regard to their diabetes management

  • Self-management of diabetes is challenging.

  • Insulin dependent diabetic (IDD) patients are required to constantly monitor their blood glucose levels, food intake, and physical activity and adjust their therapy accordingly

  • Patients overflowed with information, challenged with decision making in an un-predictable environment, may end up with poor compliance to therapy prescribed, resulting in poor clinical outcomes.

  • Poor adherence  results in frequent insulin injection omission

  • Limited care providers resources may result in inadequate insulin initiation and intensification

  • Danger: Insulin has been associated with more medication errors than any other class of drugs particularly in hospitals.

Watch how the EyePen Works

Solution-  Diabetes self management for insulin dependent diabetic patients

Elements of the EyePen System

A diabetes management app which collects diabetes related information from the EyePen device and other sources such as blood glucose meters. The information is used to present the user with relevant data and provide users with reminders regarding his therapy​

The EyePen device – a smart add-on to insulin injection  pens which tracks pen activity and transmits the data to a diabetes management app. The addition  of device is transparent to the user and does not alter the usual injection process