About Insupad

InsuPad® enables patients on intensive insulin therapy to take control of their disease and reach treatment targets in more efficient way. By gently warming the skin, it increases blood flow helping the body absorb insulin better and faster. The result: lower insulin dosage, less hypo – more freedom


The Challenge

  • Worldwide, there are millions of diabetes patients treated with multiple daily injections therapy
  • Less post-meal insulin needed
  • Increased flexibility of injection timing
  • Non-invasive, safe and simple to use

The Solution

  • Achieve HbA1c goal similar to Standard of Care
  • Reduces the hypoglycemia event rate by 46%
  • Reduces the required post-meal insulin dose by 28%
  • Achieves treatment target with less hypo and less insulin
  • Reduce post-meal glucose levels
  • Safe and simple to use

The impact of the InsuPad® in daily life

In a randomized controlled study (Barmer Study) with 145 Type 1 and Type 2 subjects with a follow-up period of 4 months, the test group subjects using the InsuPad device reached therapeutic targets while experiencing significantly less hypoglycemic events, and while needing significantly less post-meal insulin.Elements of the InsuPad® system

Designed for type 1 and 2 diabetes, the InsuPad pack includes everything you need to start improving your daily life: Fenster, disposable injection window, control unit, charging base and power adaptor.

The Fenster, disposable injection window, unit includes 2 components:I. A colored plastic cradle for connecting the control unit to the Fenster, disposable injection window. The Fenster includes a cover that opens up, allowing the insulin injections to be made at the designated heated area. II. A medical-grade biocompatible adhesive tape, intended for attaching the cradle and control unit to the body, holding it place for the entire day.

Control UnitThis unit controls and monitors all operational aspects of the InsuPad. It contains a heating element, a thermistor, an electronic circuit and a rechargeable battery. The InsuPad system is easy to use with 2 LEDs located on the side of the device. The green LED indicates normal operation and the red LED indicates battery status. The InsuPad system is completely waterproof and can even be worn in the shower.

Charger and Power AdaptorThe charger includes a power cable with a USB connector that can be connected to the supplied 5 Volt power adaptor.

How it works

Assemble a fully charged control unit and a new Fenster, disposable injection window, together. Attach the InsuPad to the skin using the Fenster’s adhesive. To inject, open the InsuPad, revealing a skin area; this is the injection area. Inject within the injection area. Once the InsuPad is closed, the warming process begins automatically and, after 50 minutes, it will switch off automatically. At the end of the day or when the control unit’s red light indicator is lit, remove the InsuPad from the skin and separate the Fenster, disposable injection window, from the control unit.