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Our Management

Yosi Wasserman


Yosi holds an MBA in Business Administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Yosi has been active in the Israeli business sector for many years including management of pension funds and management of startup companies in the bio-medical arena.  Yosi was a co-founder of PancreaTech in 2009, a company focused on development of drugs for treatment of diabetes and cancer using a novel paradigm. In the last year Yosi has been the CEO of Insuline Medical bringing his experience in in both the financial and the bio-medical areas

Dr. Gabriel Bitton

Founder, Vice President R&D

Founder of two medical device companies. Dr. Bitton has 10 years experience in R&D development for medical device companies, developing devices for diabetics. Dr. Bitton has extensive knowledge in physical and physiological aspects related to diabetics. He holds Ph.D. in applied physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. Dr. Bitton has published several papers and has to his credit over 25 patents and patent applications, most of them are related to medical devices. Previously Dr. Bitton served as Glucon Chief Technology officer. Prior to that Dr. Bitton served as group leader of the quantum optics group at Oak Ridge national laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Moran Sherf Blau

Chief Financial Officer

Moran holds MA in Accounting from the Bar Ilan University. Moran has 13 years of experience in the accounting field, initially at PWC. Moran is the founder of Total Finance Ltd. Led several strategic IPOs and M&As.  Serving as CFO and director in several public and private companies.